Consumer watchdog gives travel insurance tips

The coming weeks will see millions of Britons jet off from these rainy shores in search of better climates, but many people forget to arrange proper travel insurance.

With this in mind, the Which? consumer watchdog has released a guide outlining the most important things to remember when purchasing cover.

First off is the European Health Insurance Card, which many people neglect to get before they go to EU destinations. This utility allows travellers to access care at hospitals across the union for free or reduced costs.

Which? also said it is important that expensive gadgets are covered as if any devices are lost or stolen this could leave people out of pocket. Smartphones and tablets are particularly attractive targets for pickpockets on the continent and people should remain vigilant.

Finally, the watchdog said medical conditions must be disclosed to insurers, but this doesn’t mean premiums should be too expensive and there are specialist providers of travel insurance for people in this scenario.

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