Spare keys may invalidate home insurance deals

Many people in the UK are unaware that handing out spare keys could serve to invalidate their home insurance deals.

This is the finding of new research from, which has urged homeowners to become more aware regarding the small print on their policies.

According to the study, 72 per cent of householders do not realise the negative consequences of giving out keys to others.

And this figure is likely to set alarm bells off around the UK, especially as almost 69 per cent of those questioned admitted to entrusting sets to friends or family, while 37 per cent claimed they possess the means to open up the homes of others on their key ring.

In addition, it was revealed that more than 46 per cent have lost their keys at one point or another, with 16 per cent admitting this happened as a consequence of them being drunk.

Gareth Kloet, head of home insurance at the price comparison site, explained many providers will not pay out following a burglary unless forced entry is proven, adding: “If you move into a new home or have given out your house keys to someone you no longer trust … change the locks.”

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