Medical professionals most likely to claim on car insurance

Health professionals are the most accident prone drivers in the UK, according to new research. found GPs, hospital consultants and clinical psychologists were among the top ten professions most likely to make a claim on their car insurance.

The findings showed 28.6 per cent of GPs had made at least one claim in the last five years. This figure is more than double the national average of 13.12 per cent.

Other medical professions such as dental surgeons and health visitors made up the top ten. In fact, there were only two careers in the list – probation officers and town planners – that were not health-related.

The safest occupation on the road was car dealers, with only three per cent of those having made a claim in the last five years.

Professor Andrew Smith, an expert on occupational and health psychology from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, said the results were not surprising.

“Healthcare is typically considered a highly stressful occupation, which could explain why GPs and other health professionals seem to make more insurance claims than others.”

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