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You are asked on each motor insurance proposal form whether or not you have any driving convictions or have had a driving ban. Should either of those be the case your premiums are most likely to be higher than they would otherwise be. It could prove difficult for you to obtain cover at all, which is why this category of convicted driver insurance has been created.

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Why is it more expensive to get car insurance for convicted drivers?

Insurance is all about weighing up by risk, insurers consider it more risky and therefore potentially more expensive to insure convicted drivers. The fact that you have a driving conviction already is a safe bet in their eyes that you may commit another driving offence.

Statistics also highlight that those who have convictions for a driving offence normally have more than one conviction. This increases their likelihood of being involved in an accident and hence lodging a claim.

It is not advisable to drive uninsured

You could face a hefty fine and a driving ban if you drive uninsured.

Under a new scheme, Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations, it is legally required that registered vehicle keepers insure their vehicle continuously. So you do not even have to be driving to commit an offence. Moreover, it is an offence to have an uninsured vehicle unless you have notified the DVLA by filling in a Statutory off Road Notice (SORN), which informs them that your vehicle is off the road.

Should the Motor Insurance Bureau and the DVLA not locate a vehicle on the Motor Insurance Database, the registered keeper will be sent an Insurance Advisory Letter informing them that his/her vehicle seems to be uninsured. It then warns the registered keeper of a possible fine unless action is taken to rectify the situation.

Should the registered keeper fail to comply with the advice in the letter he or she faces a fixed penalty notice of £100, possible clamping, seizure and disposal of the vehicle, as well as court prosecution with a maximum £1,000 fine.

The above measures are additional to the powers the police presently have to seize an uninsured vehicle and fine its driver.

How do I get cheaper convicted driver insurance?

Should you have a driving conviction or have penalty points or endorsements on your Driving Licence you are going to pay more for insurance cover than another individual who possesses a 'clean' licence. It is sensible to take the necessary steps to reduce further risk in the eyes of the insurance companies.

Drive a low insurance group car

You can drive a low insurance group car to lower your risk in the insurers' eyes. Group 1 is considered to be lowest risk car insurance group, with group 50 being the highest. The variables considered in allocating cars to insurance groups include: value of vehicle, performance capacity, repair costs and security levels.

Security measures you can undertake

Theft presents a huge problem for insurers. Therefore, should you be able to demonstrate that your vehicle has security measures, such as, an alarm, immobilizer and tracking unit; you may be offered a lower premium. Moreover, parking your vehicle in a garage or off-road at night helps.

It is vital to be truthful with the insurance company as to the security measures you have undertaken and make sure you use them. Otherwise, you may get into hot water should you lodge a claim and you are found out to not be doing what have said you do on your claim form.

Installation of a 'black box'

A highly popular choice for cost-conscious motorists is to pinpoint an insurance provider offering a policy which rewards good driving habits with lower premiums. Such policies function by having 'black box' technology, called telematics, installed in your car. This 'black box' records your usual driving patterns, accounts for speed, braking, how you take corners and what time of day you are driving.

The insurance company analyses the data the black box generates and so adjusts your monthly premiums. Should it turn out that you are a risky driver, your premium can increase.

Reduce your mileage

Insurance companies operate on the basis that, the more miles you drive, the higher the likelihood of you having an accident. Hence, you are requested to specify your annual mileage limit. Therefore, selecting a lower limit reduces your premium. Should you choose a low limit ensure that you keep to it to avoid potential difficulties in lodging a successful claim.

Shop for competitive deals

A highly effective way of getting cheap car insurance for convicted drivers is to shop around for competitive and compare prices from various insurers.


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