Beware of car insurance policy small print

Motorists should beware of their car insurance policy small print if they happen to be hit by an uninsured driver, it has been suggested.

Money Supermarket noted that cover for such mishaps will vary between providers, with the wording on these documents likely to be different depending on the companies involved.

The price comparison website observed around 1.4 million uninsured motorists are currently using Britain’s roads, highlighting the prevalence of the problem.

Pete Harrison, insurance expert at the portal – which was established as an offline business in 1993 – noted the odds are high that a car accident might involve a person who does not have adequate cover in place.

The industry figure added: “In this situation, I would advise motorists to check the small print of their policy to understand what is and isn’t covered as the devil is in the detail.”

According to the study, insurers such as Direct Line and Churchill require motorists involved in this kind of incident to provide important details such as the car make and model, names and addresses of witnesses and vehicle registration numbers.

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