Distracted drivers could lead to increased car insurance claims

Distracted driving could lead to a greater number of car insurance claims being made by UK motorists.

New research commissioned by Direct Line has revealed road users typically spend 18 per cent of their time behind the wheel failing to keep their eyes on the road.

It was shown that during this time, people tend to look out the window and stare at clouds, adverts and scenery – with car owners turning their attention away from the road every nine seconds.

According to the findings, people with sat nav devices in their vehicle are the most distracted, with 22 per cent of their time being focused on something other than the road.

Simon Henrick, a spokesman for Direct Line car insurance – which was established in 1985 – described the findings as frightening, noting this has revealed for the first time just where peoples’ attentions lie while they are behind the wheel.

Mr Henrick stated: “Even when drivers appear to be watching the road, by tracking movements in the cornea, we now know they are often watching clouds or shop window displays.”

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