Figures show the best and worst professions for car insurance claims

According to recent figures provided by car insurance company First Central, accountants are the worst drivers in the UK, while roofers are the best drivers.

The insurer looked at the performance of more than one million drivers over, with all vehicles included in the study being privately owned, assessing their claims history.

With more than 16,000 accidental damage claims annually, those in the accountancy profession are the worst drivers, it would seem. This equates to a staggering 44 claims each day, and as a result, those in the accounting industry may well find they have higher car insurance premiums than those in other industries.

Following closely as the second worst profession for driving were solicitors, who had more than 15,000 claims.

Rising up from being the ninth-worst profession last year, doctors took third place, with financial advisers, letting agents, airline cabin crew, bank managers, IT managers, pharmacists and train drivers completing the top ten worst professions for driving.

On the other hand, the car insurance company found roofers to be the safest drivers, with just 3,850 accidents in the previous year. Farmers were the next-safest, being linked with just 4,000 accidents in the same time period.

Builders came third, followed by lorry drivers in fourth place, for the safest professions for driving. They were followed up by cleaners, carpet fitters, factory workers, mechanics, butchers and painters/decorators.

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