Quarter of a million motorists caught in last two years for being uninsured

Between January 2013 and June 2015, more than a quarter of a million motorists received penalty points as a result of not having car insurance, data from Churchill Insurance reveals.

Over the time period, 256,045 motorists were prosecuted for being uninsured, an offence known as an IN10 endorsement.

Motorists who are caught driving without insurance face a fine of £300, and if their vehicle is seized they will be charged £150 to recover it, and £20 per day for its storage.

They will receive six points automatically, and have 14 days to reclaim their seized car. If they do not, it will either be crushed or sold. Should the case go to court, then the driver could face disqualification from driving and an unlimited fine.

So far this year, more than 27,000 cars have been seized because they were not insured. Also, despite having 26 penalty points each (partly due to driving uninsured), two motorists are, incredibly, still able to legally drive.

Uninsured drivers are still a major issue, despite measures put in place to try and improve the situation,” said Steve Barrett, head of car insurance at Churchill. “There needs to be greater investment in police resources to check that the motorists behind the wheel are insured to drive the vehicle.”

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