98 year old man charged GBP 20,000 for car insurance

A former soldier who was imprisoned in Auschwitz has been “priced off the road” after being given a quote for car insurance charging him £20,000.

Ron Jones, a 98 year old man from Newport, South Wales, has seen his premium rise astonishingly from the £3,000 he was charged last time for his car insurance.

As a result of being unable to afford such a high premium, Mr Jones will not be able to sell poppies as usual due to not being able to drive, or visit schools to give talks about his experiences in World War II. He was imprisoned in the concentration camp after being captured in Libya, and has been selling poppies for more than 25 years for the Royal British Legion.

Mr Jones claims insurers are targeting him for his age, as he has been driving for 69 years and not had any accidents during that time.

However, insurance company Ageas did withdraw the quote, a spokesperson said, adding that he should never have received it anyway.

“Mr Jones should not have received a renewal invitation from us for his car insurance policy this year. This was issued in error and we are currently investigating the reasons behind this.”

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