German learner driver has car crushed by tank

An 18 year old learner driver had an unforgettable car accident in Germany when she had the front of her car crushed by a British tank after pulling out in front of a column of British military vehicles. Fortunately no-one (except the car) was hurt.

According to police, the learner driver made a mistake by pulling out as the tanks travelled through Augustdorf, a small town in Germany, at an area where military training is frequently carried out.

Experience is often pointed to as one of the best ways to avoid accidents. People who have had a lot of experience on the road, unlike learners and recently passed drivers, often get lower premiums from insurance companies, because of their experience.

The damage is estimated to come to £8,600, after the car was seriously damaged, whilst the 62-tonne Challenger 2 tank was, unsurprisingly, unscathed.

This is the second time in recent months that a British tank in Germany has caused accidental damage, after a tank crashed into a German couple’s garden back in February.

Police acquitted the soldier driving the tank from blame, with a spokesman saying “The soldier had no chance to slow down”.

A spokesperson for the British Army said: “Our driving crews go through a very vigorous process before being allowed on the roads and both crews and vehicles are checked regularly. It is something we do take very, very seriously, especially with beasts of that size travelling on public roads.”

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