Motorists unsure of comprehensive car insurance

Many drivers are not fully aware of what is covered by fully comprehensive car insurance, according to information collated by Churchill, meaning that millions of motorists could be at risk of less cover than they think, or even invalid insurance.

It was thought that fully comprehensive car insurance policies allow motorists to drive any vehicle, with the same level of cover, by 35 per cent of motorists holding a UK driving licence. For those aged 18 to 34 years, the response showed 46 per cent of them did not fully understand how it worked.

Only 40 per cent of motorists who responded said they checked to see if their policy permitted them to drive other vehicles, with less than 25 per cent saying they would tell their insurer if they were intending to drive another vehicle.

Very few insurance companies offer Driving Other Cars (DOC) in their cover, with it normally only intended to be used for a short period of time if needed, such as if the owner has an emergency illness. DOC is only extended to third parties, and only 16 per cent of those surveyed understood that the policy was only for emergencies.

“Uninsured motorists drive up the cost of insurance premiums for all other drivers and ignorance is no excuse,” said Rob Miles, of Churchill Insurance.

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