Insurance Fraudster Claims an Unfair Sentence

An insurance fraudster has lost his appeal against the prison term he was sentenced to.

In August of 2010, Nadeem Dad from Nelson, Lancashire, along with his brother Amer and their father, were convicted by Burnley Crown Court for making hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fraudulent insurance claims. Nadeem, from Barkerhouse Road served 15 months in prisons and was ordered to pay back the money that he had claimed.

The claims ranged from storm damage, to theft, and even to the loss of pedigree dogs. In total, the amount taken by this family was well over £250,000.

If Nadeem didn’t pay back the amount he would have to serve another 18 months.

Now, 32 year old Nadeem has made a claim that his sentence was unjust and that he did not receive a fair trial.

Three senior judges at London’s Appeal Court deemed that he had no basis for having an unfair trial and that the sentence still stood.

The father of the brothers had to repay £161,300, Amer, £66,666, and Nadeem £51,800.

A similar story was reported in April where fraudsters were caught out by a black box. It is these crimes that increase insurance premiums for everyone else. A detective related to the case at the time said that “fraudulent claims hit the pockets of the decent law-abiding public with ever resident, motorist and trader facing increased premiums to compensate for the greed of these crimes.”

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