Insurance claims increase due to bad weather

With storms having ravaged vast areas of the country, one insurance firm has received over 250 claims in the past month due to damage inflicted by the weather.

Higos Insurance Services, based in Somerton, is one of many brokers around the country receiving more and more claims due to recent flooding.

Between 50 and 60 of them have come from the Somerton and Langport area.

Speaking to the Western Gazette, Neil Wyatt – marketing manager of Higos – said: “It’s difficult for us to put an exact figure on how much will need to be paid out by insurance companies at the moment, as homes will have to undergo quite extensive evaluations.”

Livingstone Insurance in Yeovil also confirmed that this year’s bad weather had brought about “hundreds” of claims from within ten miles of the town.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times has reported that up to 9,000 homes based in flood-prone areas will not be covered under a new government insurance plan.

The article suggests that many of the owners would face annual premiums of over £10,000.

Consulting firm PwC has estimated that £400 million will be paid out across the nation as a result of the damage.

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