Advice for customers affected by winter weather has given some advice to its customers who have been adversely affected by the recent weather conditions.

Many households have had a less-than-desirable start to 2014 as their properties and possessions have been damaged by storms and floods.

Clare Francis, editor-in-chief at, said: “If you’ve been affected by the storm, the most important thing is to keep safe.”

Ms Francis added that while it was important to do what you can to prevent further damage, you should not tackle a repair job which is best left to a professional. In addition, if your car has been damaged by falling items, check whether it’s roadworthy before you start driving.

“If possible, check with your buildings insurance or car insurance company before employing a contractor to remove debris or start repairs,” she said.

Customers were also advised to think about the long-term future and to consider making changes which will minimise any damage and reduce the cost of subsequent insurance policies. Such alterations include fitting water-resistant doors and window frames or replacing downstairs carpets with solid wood or tiled flooring to prevent flooding.

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