Insurers toll costs after Sheppey Bridge crash

Insurers have begun to count the cost of the Sheppey Bridge crash – which damaged more than 130 vehicles.

Although nobody died in the incident, which took place last week (September 5th), damage to cars, lorries and motorcycles was extensive and bills are likely to run into the millions, according to the BBC.

One of the most important goals for insurance companies is to establish blame for the incident, because if it is found any single motorist was responsible for the pile-up, then their premium will take the brunt of all claims.

However, the poor weather conditions over the bridge – with heavy fog – may mean that insurers blame the Highways Agency for potential poor planning, especially as questions have been consistently raised about the safety of the road, which lacks any hard shoulder.

The Association of British Insurers told the BBC: “If you have fully comprehensive [cover], liability is not an issue. With third party, fire and theft you can’t normally claim under your own policy but you have to claim from the motorist who was at fault.”

Investigations continue.

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