Kids costing parents thousands in home repairs

Every child in the UK has caused an average of £5,000 worth of damage to their parents’ house by the time they turn 18-years old, according to new research.

The report – issued by MORE TH>N insurance – has estimated that in total, destruction caused by kids costs mums and dads around £3.55 billion.

Apparently, three-year-olds are the worst offenders, racking up bills of £526 on average.

Among the most common examples of damage were smashed ornaments, stained carpets and walls that end up getting covered in paint.

Spilling food and drink on the carpet was the disaster most likely to occur within the home, with 63 per cent of respondent to the insurance firm’s survey admitting that this had happened to them.

MORE TH>N’s managing director Janet Connor said: “Whether you have restless, wall-wrecking toddlers or party-loving teenagers it’s important to have appropriate cover for your home to make sure you’re covered for all sorts of eventualities.”

Children living in London were found to be the most destructive, followed by youngsters from the West Midlands.

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