Greater London drivers named safest in UK

The safest places in the UK to drive have been revealed in a new study.

Car insurance provider Aviva has researched which areas around the country have the most responsible drivers on the roads.

It found that Greater London came out on top – despite also having one of the heaviest traffic volumes.

The research involved analysing data gathered from over 3.5 million miles recorded by motorists using Aviva’s Drive app, which gives a score to those behind the wheel every 200 miles based on their performance.

A driver’s cornering, acceleration and braking are all scrutinised and the score is then used to help calculate if they are eligible to receive a discount on their next car insurance premium.

Aviva’s director of marketing Heather Smith said: “So even though the Aviva Drive app is seen by many as an interesting way to measure how safely you drive, it’s also a great way to save on your motor insurance.”

Buckinghamshire, Norfolk and Northamptonshire motorists performed the worst out of all the regions, while people in Devon and East Yorkshire topped the table, following in the footsteps of the Londoners.

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