Holiday home insurance providers reveal weirdest claims

A holiday home and travel insurance provider has revealed the weirdest claims customers have made.
holiday home
In one case reported by Schofields Holiday Home Insurance, the landlord of a property in Spain found a group of young people that had rented his property had created an indoor beach – including sand and water – as the local shore had not lived up to their expectations.

One lady from Manchester attempted to seek compensation from a holiday home owner because the gravel on their driveway had damaged four pairs of designer stilettos.

In another claim, a landlord had to make a home insurance claim after guests at his property moved a sofa, single bed and chest of drawers into the pool they were staying in – ruining the furniture. They could not remember why they did it.

One French property owner had to claim after a cow fell into the swimming pool – with the bovine creature eventually winched to safety.

Phil Schofield of Schofields Holiday Home Insurance said: “These claims show how important a good holiday home insurance policy is, particularly when you let your property to other people.”

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