More insurance customers managing policies online

An increasing number of car and home insurance customers are opting to manage their policies over the internet.

This is according to new research carried out by insurance partnerships firm Junction, which found more than 80 per cent of consumers with the company’s partners – such as Post Office and RAC – are embracing the ability to manage payments, view policy details and download and print vital documents using online resources.

Peter Thompson, managing director of Junction, said its Online Self-Service platform is designed to give people control over how they interact with their insurer.

“Many consumers are very comfortable with managing financial details online, particularly with the growth of internet banking, so it’s a natural step for them to want to manage their insurance policies in the same way,” he added.

To use the online resources, insurance customers must visit the site of their insurance provider and sign up with their email address and a password.

Junction first rolled out the service in 2010 and has since adapted it to match the needs of consumers – in 2012, it allowed individuals to make a range of changes to their policies.

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