Drivers urged to check insurance during freezing weather

Motorists in the UK are being advised by to consider the insurance implications of driving in the current icy weather conditions.

According to the price comparison website, road users should take extra care when heading out and plan their journey carefully, while all cars should contain an emergency kit.

Head of motor insurance Scott Kelly said difficulties for motorists during poor weather can range from being inconvenienced by delays to invalidating their insurance. He remarked: “A lot of motorists won’t have been on red-alert for more bad weather and many of the problems result from poor planning and not anticipating the conditions.”

The firm recommended that even if drivers have car insurance in place, they should check their policy will cover them in the event of a breakdown.

In addition, it said because of low visibility and dangerous road conditions, people must leave more space between their vehicle and the car in front, as even the most experienced motorists will come across black ice.

The Met Office has revealed the freezing weather is set to continue into next week, which is likely to affect the Easter plans of many drivers.

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