Brits reminded to insure their Easter breaks

British holidaymakers looking to escape the snow over the Easter weekend have been reminded to take out travel insurance before their trip.

New figures released by the AA have shown up to a fifth (19 per cent) of travellers are leaving the country without having a policy in place, meaning they are leaving themselves at risk of racking up costly bills.

Reasons for not taking out travel insurance range from forgetting to do so to using the free EHIC, a European health provision card.

However, according to director of AA Travel Insurance Simon Douglas, this card cannot be relied upon to cover every health eventuality or lost and damaged property. He added: “In some countries a charge may be made, while the EHIC certainly wouldn’t fund repatriation, for instance, after suffering a major illness.”

The expert stated travellers must also ensure they declare any health issues they have suffered from, or existing illnesses they are dealing with, to their travel insurer, even if they are not explicitly asked to detail them.

Recent research conducted by also said Brits venturing abroad should not choose a travel insurance policy based on price.

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