Amateur football clubs forced to take out insurance

From next season all 11-a-side teams in the UK will have to pay up to £82 per season as part of the National Game Insurance Scheme.

Each team in the UK has an average of 15 players per team and, in this case, each player will have to cover around £5.47 annually, according to the Express.

Mike Dowling, secretary of the Birmingham Amateur Football Association, told the paper: “The benefits are not great. If you break a leg and have to take time off work, the compensation you get is less than £100 a week.”

Mr Dowling added it was not the cost of the scheme that bothered him, but the hassle he would have to go through to implement effective premiums for each member of his team.

However, support for the programme has been voiced by others, including Mike Brown, secretary of the Amateur Football Alliance, who said he welcomed the “cost effective” deal.

One of the main reasons the Football Association brought in these changes was the rising number of injuries sustained in Sunday league games – with competition growing increasingly fierce in amateur fixtures.

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