ABI outlines sustainable claims initiative

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has outlined its commitment to a new sustainable claims initiative.

Following a collaborative regime implemented at a climate change conference last year, the ABI has now started a new scheme that it says will help its members to improve the energy efficiency of their operations.

A group created by the body has started working on the creation of a “menu” of drying options that will help residents hit by floods have more control and knowledge over their recovery process.

ABI said this will help reduce CO2 emissions and costs while improving customer experiences for customers.

It also announced that replacing two chillers at its headquarters had cut down energy usage by 13 per cent and that this is indicative of the green nature of its industry.

The news came at the same time as the government and the organisation announced an agreement to extend the provision of flood insurance.

Cover for homes near to bank-bursting rivers had been in doubt as industry experts said the risk was too great to offer reasonably-priced premiums to householders.

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