New car insurance brand to beat EU gender rules

A new car insurance brand has been launched to help young female drivers overcome the rise in prices recently introduced by the EU.

Telematics specialist Insure The Box has rolled out Drive Like a Girl to reward motorists between the age of 17 and 25 who can prove they are safe behind the wheel.

Charlotte Halkett, spokesperson for Drive Like a Girl, said the company will use telematics data from a small black box placed under the dashboard to determine the quality of each customer’s driving.

She said that “if you really do drive like a girl, we will make sure you will get a refund after three months,” adding: “We believe that safer drivers should get cheaper insurance, whatever the bureaucrats in Brussels may say.”

Furthermore, the brand’s customers’ renewal prices next year will be based on their driving, so the safest drivers will make the highest savings.

The EU gender directive – which came into effect on December 21st – banned car insurance companies from giving young female road users lower premiums, even though they are renowned for being safer drivers than males.

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