Home insurance customers warned of burst pipe risk

Home insurance customers have been warned that the current cold snap could result in burst pipes.

Lloyds TSB has recommended people make sure they have adequate cover in place should freezing pipes result in leaks that cause damage throughout the property.

Such incidents could lead to structural problems and electrical faults and Lloyds TSB Home Insurance revealed mishaps of this type resulted in the company paying out £39 million from around 26,000 claims registered last winter.

Tim Downes, senior claims manager at the provider, said: “Claims relating to burst and frozen pipes cost on average £1,500 to fix, but this can run high into the thousands.”

Mr Downes noted it will therefore prove worthwhile for homeowners to take steps to reduce the damage caused by a burst pipe, including checking the roof for broken tiles, clearing leaves and debris from gutters and making sure external light fittings are secure. 

The insurer explained that in the event of a burst pipe, people should immediately turn off the main water supply and switch off the electricity – via the fuse box – for parts of the property impacted by the leak.

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