Car insurers likely to be busy at the start of January

UK car insurers are likely to be very busy at the beginning of January, new findings have suggested.

According to the research from Green Flag, today (January 2nd) is the most likely day of the year for motor-related breakdowns.

It was shown that most people return to work on this date following the Christmas break – but accidents, non-starts and flat tyres mean many motorists are not able to clock in on time.

The study revealed requests for breakdown assistance tend to peak in December and January, rising 15 per cent higher than during other months of the year.

Drivers may find numerous problems with their vehicle if they have not taken it on the road for a while, including issues relating to tyres, the electrics, the mechanics, cooling system, keys and the exhaust.

Miranda Schunke, spokeswoman for Green Flag, said: “Icy conditions and wet, cold weather means cars are far more likely to break down in winter.”

Ms Schunke explained batteries tend to be under increased pressure at this time of the year due to the extra use of de-misters, heaters and windscreen wipers.

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