Insurance claims highest among pet owners

Pet insurance customers in the UK make the highest number of claims, a new study has confirmed.

Research conducted by consumer group Which? found nearly four in ten pet insurance owners (39 per cent) have made a claim on their policy in the last two years, which is the highest proportion of all insurance types and beats car insurance (20 per cent), home insurance (18 per cent) and travel insurance (15 per cent).

It was discovered the majority of pet insurance claims were made in reference to pet illness (70 per cent) or accidents and injuries (18 per cent).

Expert at Which? Paul Davies said putting in a claim on any insurance policy is “the real test” of how good an insurance firm is.

“How the insurer manages your claim is very important at a stressful time, such as when you’ve damaged your car or been burgled,” he added.

This comes after the Association of British Insurers recently revealed the cost of pet insurance claims has risen by 44 per cent from £302 million in 2007 to £436 million in 2011, with insurers’ profits also increasing by over 57 per cent.

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