1 in 5 have been driven by motorist over the limit

One-fifth of UK drivers have been driven by someone who was over the drink-driving limit, according to new research.

People are most likely to have been driven by a friend who was over the limit (11 per cent), a family member (seven per cent) or a colleague (four per cent), according to research from the Post Office Motor Insurance.

Furthermore, over two-thirds (68 per cent) of drivers surveyed were unable to correctly identify the legal amount they could drink before driving; this surged to 77 per cent of women compared with 60 per cent of men.

Some people admitting to invalidating their insurance policy by allowing an unnamed driver to drive their own car, as they were over the limit themselves.

Paul Havenhand, head of insurance at the Post Office, said: “A motoring conviction might well limit your ability to take out motor insurance in the future. Passengers…are still putting themselves at risk of danger by getting into a car with someone they know to be over the limit.”

Mr Havenhand also stressed the importance of having a safe way to get home if you have drunk too much, particularly over the festive period.

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