Advice for businesses hit by riots published by ABI

A new guide advising small businesses on what they should do if their property is damaged by a riot similar to the ones seen in August 2011 has been published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

The report outlines all the options available in terms of reporting incidents to law enforcement agencies and accessing the relevant documents in regards to insurance claims.

It is also explained how insurers have safeguards in place to stop drawn-out battles for proof of damage from taking place in crowded courts after such incidents. 

This will be of substantial relief to business owners across the UK, who were shocked by the lack of order seen in the August 2011 unrest, which saw millions of pounds in damages across Manchester, Liverpool, London, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Mark Shepherd, ABI policy adviser on property, said: “Since the riots of August 2011, insurers and loss adjusters have played an important role in helping customers and businesses get back on their feet, repairing the damage caused to properties and local communities.”

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