Severe weather highlights the importance of home insurance

The importance of taking out adequate home insurance has been highlighted by the severe weather currently affecting many parts of the UK.

Lloyds TSB Insurance has noted the nation appears to be on standby for a repeat of the wettest June on record and has come up with a number of tips for homeowners looking to prevent their houses from being impacted.

Tim Downes, regional manager at Personal Claims Consultants, stated: “We are advising homeowners who are at risk to take steps now to reduce the risk of damage to their home and to monitor local news and weather updates.”

It was noted that flooding can cause around £17,000 worth of damage per incident, suggesting it is important people prepare for the worst.

Those with homes at risk of flooding should place sandbags outside doors and windows, while also turning off electricity, water and gas supplies.

All electrical items need to be unplugged, while as much furniture as possible should be taken upstairs to prevent any incoming water from reaching it.

Individuals might also want to keep their insurance details close by, as they might need to make a claim if property is ruined.

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