Doctors support greater whiplash insurance claims control

The majority of doctors in the UK support the view that the government should bring in stronger measures to control whiplash insurance claims or motorists.

This is according to new research from Axa UK – part of the Axa Group – which showed 88 per cent of GPs surveyed believe the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition needs to act.

It was shown that doctors are not only seeing surgery time increasingly taken up by whiplash patients, but some are even being offered money to refer individuals with injuries of this type.

More than one-fifth of doctors surveyed said they have experienced a marked increase in whiplash patients in the last five years, while another 40 per cent noted a moderate rise in such complaints.

Sarah Vaughan, motor director at Axa Insurance, stated: “We are determined to put a stop to the totally unnecessary levels of compensation payments being made for whiplash in the UK.”

Ms Vaughan explained the medical profession is coming under significant pressure in this field of insurance, with more guidance and support required in order to help it deal with the problem.

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