Age discrimination still prevalent in car insurance industry

There are still plenty of examples to be found in the car insurance industry with regard to age discrimination.

This is according to new findings from Age UK, which showed people over the age of 80 are still not being treated correctly despite the government and the insurance sector recently making an agreement on such matters.

It was shown that 21 per cent of individuals over the age of 80 were not given online or telephone quotes for motor insurance due to their age, while 85 per cent of those in this age bracket initially refused protection were not referred to either the British Insurance Brokers’ Association or other insurance providers.

Michelle Mitchell, charity director-general at Age UK – a combination of Age Concern and Help the Aged – noted: “Despite the government’s welcome commitment to end age discrimination, this survey is powerful evidence that it still exists when it comes to getting car insurance.”

Gordon Morris, managing director of Age UK Enterprises, said it is not impossible for older people to benefit from car insurance policies that do not have any upper age limits or hidden charges.

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