Travel insurance is essential for half term holidays

Parents planning on taking their children away this half-term should plan ahead and make sure they have adequate travel insurance in place.

This is according to MoneySupermarket, which has recommended holidaymakers also protect their baggage when heading abroad.

New research carried out by the website showed travellers may find it more cost-effective to choose an annual premium as opposed to one-off cover.

This could be the case especially for families that plan to head overseas more than once a year and are keen on long-haul destinations.

Another option is a multi-trip policy, which might be ideal for those intending to make their way across Europe more than a couple of times a year.

Bob Atkinson, holiday insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, noted there are currently hundreds of different policies travellers can pick from.

Mr Atkinson said: “However, the differences between cover levels provided can be vast and there is a danger of being underinsured if you choose the wrong one.”

People should make sure the policy they plump for offers all the cover they require, such as medical expenses, baggage and cancellation.

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