Parental DIY work highlights home insurance need

The need for people to make sure they have adequate home insurance in place has been highlighted by a new study.

Carried out for Aviva, the research revealed parents are continuing to carry out DIY jobs for their adult children long after their offspring have moved out of the family home.

Individuals may therefore want to ensure they have suitable protection in place to make sure they are covered should anything go wrong.

According to the findings, 55 per cent of mums and dads are helping their kids out with home improvements – and these tasks would have set the homeowners back £1,280 a year if carried out by a professional tradesman.

It was demonstrated that parents spend the equivalent of almost one hour every seven days completing tasks for adult children aged between 20 and 40.

Heather Smith, director of home insurance at Aviva – which has around 43 million customers worldwide – noted: “While the majority of us cherish our homes and take pride in making them our own, it seems the knowledge and willingness to take on these tasks ourselves is diminishing over time.

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