Female car insurance not yet affected by gender rules

Incoming gender rules regarding the pricing of car insurance premiums have yet to affect costs in the industry, new research has suggested.

Carried out by MoneySupermarket, the study revealed females drivers are continuing to benefit more from falling cover fees than their male counterparts.

This comes despite an impending European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that will mean such prices can no longer be calculated using an individual’s sex from December 21st 2012.

The findings showed that despite the last year seeing an overall dip in car insurance premiums, the gap between what men and women pay has yet to close.

It was demonstrated that, on average, males are required to pay £111 more to protect their cars than female drivers.

Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, noted the boy racer tag placed on males has traditionally meant they have had to pay more for motor cover .

Mr Pratt stated: “The ECJ ruling will mean insurers re-evaluate the way in which they set their prices, but we have yet to see any impact of this ruling on premium prices.”

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