Temperature drop may lead to burst pipe insurance claim rise

A significant drop in temperature this winter could lead to a marked increase in burst pipe insurance claims.

AXA has therefore reminded homeowners throughout the UK about the importance of taking precautions to make sure their pipes do not freeze when the cold weather sets in.

The insurer noted claims for such an occurrence can cost two-and-a-half times as much as burglary incidents, with the former three times more likely to happen during freezing weather than the latter.

Despite this, research carried out by AXA revealed just 20 per cent of UK householders going away over the Christmas period have checked pipes for lagging, while only 30 per cent will get their neighbours to keep an eye on their home during this time.

AXA recommended homeowners follow simple steps to prevent their pipes from bursting, including leaving the heating on at a minimum of 13C and checking the insulation of water pipes and cold water tank lagging.

Christine Matthews, head of household claims at the company, said: “Even in a generally milder winter, tens of thousands of people will experience the misery of returning to a home damaged by water from a burst pipe.”

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