Insurance directive may change gender battle for good

Changes to the insurance industry in the UK to be introduced following the impending European Union gender directive could alter the battle between the sexes for good.

This is the suggestion of new research from the Future Laboratory on behalf of, which found the new rules – set to prevent men and women being treated differently with regard to insurance costs – will lead to the battle for gender-blindness taking precedent over the fight for equality or feminism.

According to the UK Caught in the Gender-Blender report, this new sex war will only be won when Britain becomes gender-blind, with differences between males and females wiped out.

Tom Saviger of the Future Laboratory explained men may need to start thinking like women in future and to have a more female mind.

Mr Saviger noted gender neutrality over the next two decades “will be about men coming up to speed with women and adopting a lot more of their traits, which will make for a better world”.

The report showed, however, that a number of places remain sexual battlegrounds, such as in the workplace and on the road.

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