Drivers remain unaware of car insurance gender ruling

A high number of drivers whose car insurance premiums could rise due to a new ruling are still unaware of the changes, a study by the AA has revealed.

According to the cover provider, more than a quarter of Britons do not know their monthly payouts may be set to increase following the new European gender legislation.

Coming into effect on December 21st, the decision – made by the European Court of Justice – will see women pay as much for cover as their male counterparts.

However, the AA/Populus survey of 22,713 members found female motorists are least likely to be aware that providers will not take gender into account when calculating their premium.

Currently, young women pay premiums that can be 40 per cent cheaper than males of a similar age.

Commenting on the findings, Simon Douglas – director of AA Insurance – said men under the age of 35 are ten times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than those who are older.

He added: “As they get older, the difference between men and women in the number and cost of claims they make reduces and from around age 40, men and women pay similar premiums.”

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