Caravan insurance customers should look after the exterior of their vehicle

Caravan insurance customers should make an extra effort to look after the exterior fabrics of their tourer, it has been suggested.

Karl Heath, technical services specialist at Autoglym – a manufacturer of car valeting and care products, which are sold in more than 45 countries – explained this part of the vehicle can become very dirty and even begin to smell of must if it is not used regularly.

Mr Heath noted this is due to the absorption and retention of water and could be an issue of priority for owners looking to keep their caravan in top condition.

People might therefore choose to use specialist fabric cleaning and protection products to remove the dirt and odours that come from canopies, tents and awnings, which should serve to protect the features from water absorption further down the line.

Mr Heath advised against using household glass cleaners on plastic caravan windows, as they can haze and etch acrylic.

“Use a non-abrasive motoring glass cleaner … on interior and exterior glass for a crystal clear, smear-free finish,” he added.

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