GPS trackers might alter car insurance payouts

By Will Regent

Car insurance payouts might soon be markedly changed due to the increasing use of GPS trackers, it has been noted.

Carlton Boyce, a freelance motoring journalist who regularly writes for High Gear Media and Drive, observed these devices are being employed to keep a close check on the way British drivers behave while at the wheel.

Mr Boyce explained a number of insurance firms are turning to the products as a means of rewarding motorists with lower premiums.

However, there is concern that the trackers might soon be adopted by these companies in order to punish those considered to be acting irresponsibly while on the road.

Mr Boyce stated: “It doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to envisage a situation whereby a momentary lapse in concentration could lead to a driver not having insurance cover .”

He pointed out some providers might even go so far as including clauses that mean a driver’s cover becomes invalidated if the GPS monitors suggest they might pose risks to themselves and other motorists when out and about.

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