Older car insurance holders may undergo driving course

Car insurance holders over the age of 50 may soon have the option to take a government-backed driving course.

And Sarah Howe, marketing director at over-50s motor insurance company Rias, said her organisation supports the implementation of the proposals.

The industry figure suggested undertaking the programme on a voluntary basis is likely to appeal to older motorists because they are sensible road users and often think carefully about when the time is right to hang up their keys for good.

Ms Howe pointed out official statistics have shown individuals behind the wheel are involved in fewer accidents as they age, due partly to their increased willingness to self-regulate the way they behave on the road.

Older drivers “often recognise when the time comes that they may be putting themselves and others at risk and they regulate their driving to maintain their independence for as long as possible”, she added.

David Sinclair, assistant director of policy and communications at the International Longevity Centre – a demographic change think-tank – pointed out his company is also in favour of self-regulation in this instance.

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