Festival goers should add possessions to home insurance

Festival goers have been urged to add personal possessions to their home insurance plans before heading off to the music celebrations.

MoneySupermarket has advised revellers to update their arrangements prior to leaving their house, as belongings could be stolen, lost or damaged while they attend large outdoor events.

Research carried out by the price comparison site revealed individuals can add personal items away from home to their policies for a small additional cost – meaning partygoers have the ability to ensure their gadgets and devices are fully covered while they are away from home.

The study has been released as the UK festival season gets underway and suggests attendees can benefit from greater peace of mind by updating their insurance deals.

Hannah-Mercedes Skenfield, home insurance manager at MoneySupermarket, noted: “As well as thinking about having a good time it’s also important to think about protecting your possessions from would-be thieves.”

She explained these spectacles can be prime targets for those looking for easy pickings and unguarded valuables, adding it may be wise to leave irreplaceable items at home.

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