Motorists dreading summer journeys

One-in-seven British motorists are feeling worried about taking their cars on the road this summer, as the buzz surrounding the Olympic Games means many people are spending their holidays at home.

According to car insurance provider Admiral, vehicle owners are particularly dreading the lengthy queues that threaten to slow down certain routes – particularly around the capital.

Some 46 per cent of respondents revealed they find traffic jams stressful, while others find the actions of other drivers off-putting and 25 per cent grow anxious at the thought of getting lost.

The survey, which includes answers from 2,000 drivers, also highlighted a lack of planning, with almost one-in-five admitting they do not prepare for their journey beforehand.

In addition, 29 per cent admitted they do not check traffic reports before setting off.

Dave Halliday, managing director of Admiral, said the key to minimising worry and anxiety on summer car journeys is preparation.

“Make sure you leave at the time you planned to and remember to factor in potential traffic jams and breaks,” he added.

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