Home insurance discount offer from Santander

Santander has announced a new home insurance discount offer for its 123 current account and 123 credit card customers.

The provider revealed those who buy a new home and buildings insurance policy can enjoy 30 per cent off, while other customers of the bank can look forward to a 20 per cent reduction on any combined buildings and content deal.

Richard Al Dabbagh, head of insurance marketing at Santander – which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Santander – noted the group always tries to come up with innovative ways in which it can give back to its users.

Mr Al Dabbagh explained a 20 per cent discount on the cost of their policy is available for existing customers.

He added: “Santander 123 World customers, those who have either a 123 current account or a 123 credit card, or both, will get a further ten per cent off.”

The 123 current account comes with a number of product benefits, including the paying of cashback on household direct debits such as water, electricity, gas and council tax .

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