Holidaymakers should not risk going away without travel insurance

People should not be tempted to risk going on holiday without having adequate travel insurance in place.

This is according to Jeremy Cryer, head of travel insurance at, who described obtaining the right protection as a must.

Mr Cryer explained medical expenses cover is essential because people do not need to have a serious accident or illness in order to run up a significant medical bill.

He observed: “If you were to be so badly injured or ill that you required medical attention during your journey home, the bill for a medical repatriation flight could cost you a small fortune.”

For those without travel insurance, a worst case scenario could result in a person’s family having to raise money in order to bring them back to the UK.

Mr Cryer noted people should not think twice about obtaining protection, as the cost of doing so – which provides several million pounds worth of medical cover – is often less expensive than a meal out.

He added such an arrangement will usually cover the costs of returning a person home under medical supervision.

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