Flexibility required in cruise ship travel insurance claims

Providers will need to be flexible when it comes to travel insurance claims relating to the sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy – a disaster that has made headlines around the world.

Tom Bishop, insurance expert and head of travel at Direct Line – which began operations in 1985 – noted cases of lost possessions are likely to pose problems for companies as it will be difficult to obtain police reports and other forms of evidence usually required in such instances.

The industry figure said that for individuals concerned about future journeys on this ship or any other similar liner, ” tour operators and the cruise company itself will be the best point of contact to discuss arrangements for rebooking or refunds”.

He pointed out it is understandable that anyone affected by the tragedy will be upset at this point in time and recommended those looking for further information about compensation or lost belongings get in touch with their tour operator to find out where things stand.

Moreover, people booked on other trips on the vessel may be wise to do the same in order to get a better idea of what arrangements are being made.

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