Car insurance holders fearful of theft

Car insurance holders in the UK are highly fearful of having their motor broken into or stolen, a new poll has shown.

Carried out by Admiral, the survey revealed worry on the matter to be notable, even though car crime numbers have dipped in recent years.

The study was commissioned by YouGov and found 74 per cent of motorists are concerned their vehicle may be targeted – with those in the East Midlands and Yorkshire most frightened by the prospect.

According to the research, drivers in Scotland are the most laid back on the matter, with just 63 per cent admitting they are scared of falling victim to car crime.

Dave Halliday, managing director of Admiral – which was launched in 1993 – noted: “This anxiety could be linked to a general sense of unease about the state of the country and the economy in particular.”

The industry figure added, however, that concerns aired by motor insurance customers could be unfounded, as statistics from the organisation suggest car crime has been falling in recent times, while modern vehicles boast excellent security features.

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