Wildlife car insurance claims on the increase

An increasing number of motorists are claiming on their car insurance following incidents involving animals, a survey from the AA has revealed.

Researchers found accidents taking place due to collisions with deer, foxes and even badgers have driven vehicle owners to contact their providers for financial assistance, reports the Daily Telegraph.

According to AA Insurance, individuals commuting to and from work early in the morning or evening may experience reduced visibility, which could also cause crashes.

The results also pointed to one woman who was so shocked when a squirrel dropped into her convertible car she drove into a tree, causing £5,500 worth of damage.

It was also found domesticated animals are less likely to cause such incidents, with those that are less used to traffic at risk of blocking roads or startling motorists.

An AA spokesman told the Telegraph that deer were found to be the biggest culprit, particularly at this time of year.

He added: “Also deer tend to move at dusk or very early in the morning and, during the winter, this puts their movements right in the time when people are commuting.”

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