Pet insurance is a must for dog owners

Owners in the UK must make obtaining pet insurance one of their first ports of call when introducing a new dog to the family home .

Bill Lambert, health and breeder services manager at the Kennel Club – which was founded in 1873 and is dedicated to the health and welfare of canines – has noted getting hold of this cover is a big responsibility as it will enable people to deal with any unexpected incidents regarding their pooch and also afford them greater peace of mind should anything unforeseen happen.

Mr Lambert pointed out dogs do not have an equivalent of the human National Health Service, so putting pen to paper on a suitable pet insurance policy is a must.

Those bringing a four-legged friend home for the first time have a range of options open to them regarding possible protection options.

Mr Lambert stated: “You have to look very carefully at what you’re buying to make sure that you’re getting the cover that you want.”

He went on to suggest owners can keep their dog occupied and out of trouble with the help of products such as chew toys, as these will make sure the cuddly creature is busy for long periods.

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