People need van insurance suited to their budget

Individuals on the lookout for van insurance need to choose a policy that is suitable both to their needs and budget, it has been suggested.

Melissa Hunt, spokeswoman at Direct Line for Business – a division of Direct Line, which started operations in the UK in April 1985 providing car insurance – recommended holders review their cover at the renewal stage and tell their holders of any relevant changes to their circumstances.

The industry figure stated: “This ensures you have the correct cover and are being rated for the correct risk – which in some circumstances can help to reduce the cost of your renewal.”

Such a move might be wise for drivers who expect to travel fewer miles over the coming 12 months or for those who decide they no longer require a certain optional extra.

This could include sections of van insurance such as those concerning guaranteed hire vehicle, Ms Hunt went on to explain.

Van owners may therefore find a review of their current policy enables them to choose a deal that is more suited to their individual circumstances.

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